The VA Home Loans Program Is Full Of Benefits For Its Users


Veterans benefits extend way beyond the ability to receive disability payments or attend school for free to get a secondary education after discharge from the armed forces.

Yet many veterans are not aware of the details defining their additional benefits, especially when it comes to the real estate for military members to purchase when they wish to join the homeowner ranks.

And, there are many ways for the personnel who have served in the armed forces to use their government-granted benefits that do not just fall into the home loan category.

To start, individuals who belong to this group of home buyers will find that one main advantage they can enjoy is to obtain a veteran home loan with little or no money down. eBenefits.Va.Gov

Also, interest rates for veterans real estate loans are usually much lower than what the other folks who have not served their country are able to secure. Veteran mortgage loans are also not subjected to penalty fees if the borrower decides to attempt prepaying the loan, a condition that is not on the table for the non-combatants of the group.

In addition, the military home loan doesn’t only have to be used for the purchase of a residence, as the acquired funds can also go towards making improvements within an existing home such as upgrading to energy efficient equipment or installing re-enforcers onto the property’s foundation for better protection against the elements. Solar heating and solar cooling are other improvements that are commonly made when using a military home loan for reconstructive purposes.

To sweeten the deal even further, military employees who are granted the ability to receive a veterans home mortgage are not liable for mortgage insurance premiums that are due on a monthly basis for the non-veteran homeowners of the bunch.

Continuing, those who have served their country and are now in the market to buy real estate are automatically entitled to an appraisal of the property they are interested in – a step which is still mandatory for home buyers who do not qualify for veterans administration home loans, but one they have to arrange themselves as the automatic entitlement factor is not present for non-veterans. eBenefits.Va.Gov

Veterans can moreover use their military real estate benefits by choosing to refinance an old home loan instead of buying another piece of property and hence having to apply for a new loan altogether. A tactic such as this one is usually utilized by those who are merely wanting to reduce the rate of interest that is paid on the loan.

One of the biggest points of contention during the process for buying a home is how much both the seller and the buyer are going to take care of monetarily when it comes time to close the deal. However, a person with military status using the veteran home loan program is guaranteed to have limited buyer closing costs at the end of the transaction, which is just another plus to fighting on behalf of the United States. eBenefits.Va.Gov

Veterans Home Loan Benefits Also Include The Ability To Acquire A Special Thirty Year Mortgage

Veterans continue their homeowner benefits by having the choice of signing up for a thirty year mortgage loan – an arrangement that comes with more than one type of plan available for repayment.

What are the details of the different plans intended for the repayment of a thirty year veteran home loan?

A fixed payment of the traditional type is the first of the three veteran mortgage plans. A constant interest rate is the theme of this arrangement. In addition, a fixed payment plan comes along with a a potential increase or decrease in fees for homeowner’s insurance and the taxes paid on the property, with the possible rate change dependent upon the economy of the time.

Graduated mortgage payments for the owner of the veterans real estate gives that person the chance to begin the payoff process with lower monthly amounts, until the loan reaches its sixth year – at which time the payments will level out to a constant consistent fee each month.

The third way to repay a thirty year veteran mortgage is through a process called “growing equity mortgage.” This plan includes payments that will gradually increase in value, but the funds are applied only toward the principal loan amount so it can be paid off more quickly by the property owner.

Why are the armed forces soldiers so seemingly in the dark when it comes to the veteran home loan benefits to which they are entitled as a reward for enlisting in the armed forces?

It can be a case of not reading every word in the military contract prior to signing it; the small print that comprises the documents can be the cause as trying to painstakingly read it can easily lead to sore eyes; or the person in question just may not be concerned about his or her rights and benefits as a veteran because he or she staunchly believes that to become a homeowner is not a future possibility.

Whatever the reason, gaining knowledge about the house buying process is a surefire way to enjoy the benefits associated with military home loans, on top of eventually coming to the realization that owning a home is not such a far reaching dream after all.

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Submitting Job Applications to Department of Veterans Affairs


The United States of Veterans Affairs provides a great line of jobs to persons who desire to work and be a part of this agency. The Veterans Affairs career categories are as follows: engineering / architecture / technical support, health care, business/administration, legal and expert skilled occupations. The typical poses in health category are doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, laboratory technician, research scientist and the likes. These categories require different qualifications and employment processes that should be taken into consideration by anyone who has interest in applying for the available poses.eBenefits.Va.Gov

When applying to any Veterans Affairs’ poses, one must be aware of the requirements of the pose and the procedures. Individuals who have interest in applying are advised to visit the USA Jobs Site always for the needed job positions. This will give applicants a chance to be oriented with the requirements of the position that they are applying to.

Reading and following directions for all vacancy announcements are extremely important. The resumes of the applicants should address the qualifications such as knowledge, skills and abilities by writing it down on a separate paper or highlighting it. The curriculum vitae should also have supplemental information such as country of citizenship, veterans preference entitlement, reinstatement eligibility and other details for reference. This will give the reviewer an easy mean to determine if an applicant is qualified for the vacant pose.


However, if the applicant will use the Application for Federal Employment (OF-612), he/she should follow the steps mentioned in the form. The Veterans Affairs is particular with the required details so he/she must be extremely cautious in accomplishing the form.

Similar to any other occupation, applying for a United States federal position can take time. Others look at it as one time shot so fascinated applicants should take it into consideration as well. The resumes or filled up forms will be the initial spokesperson of the applicant so it should be complete, sincere and honest. Application letters don’t need to have fancy words to be able to make it for the vacant pose. Keeping it straightforward and easy to read is their passport to become a part of any departments in the United States such as the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Details of a Veterans Loans


Getting a loan can sometimes be a pain, especially if your credit is less than perfect. But if you are a veteran and need a loan, you have other options. As a veteran you have certain benefits that normal citizens don’t have, one of these is veterans’ loans. These loans are a way for the country to show the appreciation for what you’ve done, and can be very beneficial to ex-military personnel. Here are a few things you should know about these loans.eBenefits.Va.Gov

First off, your time in the military will be considered when you apply for the VA loan. If you’ve served an adequate amount of time, usually between ninety and one hundred and eighty days of active duty, depending on the situation, you can qualify for the loan. Your form of discharge will also be considered. If you have the black mark of a dishonorable discharge, you’ll probably be declined in your loan request. The stipulations are not overly strict, but they are definitely there, so remember that when you make your request.

The next important factor of any loan is your credit. With a traditional loan your credit score usually determines whether or not you can get the loan, and the rate of interest you’ll be paying. Veteran’s loans are a little bit different. Rather than looking at your overall score, they will look at the past twelve months of payments. If they were made in a timely fashion, chances are you’ll get a better rate and qualify more easily for the loan. Veterans’ loans are great ways to get the money you need if you’ve had financial difficulties in the past and are still suffering from the fallout.


Another benefit of veterans’ loans is that you don’t have to give money down. So if you’re looking at a two hundred thousand dollar home and can’t make the ten percent down payment, you won’t have to. Also, you’ll save money because you won’t be paying a monthly insurance premium on the loan. Typical loans require this insurance because it enables the lending institution to get some of the money in the event of a default. As a veteran you are backed by the VA entitlement, which is simply a guarantee made by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs on part of your loan. If you decide to get a Veteran’s loan, make sure you ask about this guarantee.

Many veterans have benefited greatly from this type of loan. You may be next. Do a bit of research and compare the pros and cons of both loans, Veterans and traditional, you may just find that this will work better for your needs.

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